When i went self employed 20+years ago I gave up Rugby because i couldn’t afford the time out from work due to injuries. Waking up the day after a match you often feel like you have been in a car crash. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of England, with open woodland,fields and a plethora of wonderful trails around each corner. So i decided to take up running as a way of relaxing, keeping fit, and an opportunity to get to know this beautiful area.

Right now I’m 52 years of age and weight in at about 13 and a half stones.( That’s about 190 pounds) Now I’ve always been a strong build but definitely not a long distance runners build.


So why am i telling you this?

There is one goal to my running and that is to enjoy the experience. To add to my joy. so much is written about goal setting towards 10k’s, Marathons, time trials,etc etc. There is nothing wrong with all of that but to my mind it is the joy of what i do that make me go out and do it most days. I don’t leave my front door with trepidation of the hard work that I’m going to put in. I leave with a feeling of glee at the prospect of going for an adventure. Today i ran all the steep hills and loved all of it. Yesterday my legs felt tired and i walked the hills. I enjoyed both runs equally because my expectation was one of joy, however it turned out.My partner and I call it Wiki-walking( from the Hawian word Wiki to mean fast or speed i believe) Often we walk in the sunshine enjoying nature, chatting and when we feel like speeding up, we do. Speeding down hills, breathing hard from the exertion and then strolling up the hills. Or the other way down.

When i met my partner she told me she didn’t like running. A memory of school cross country runs in the winter has put her off. I suggested a fast walk which slowly graduated to a run. Like me, she now runs whenever she can and it occupies an important part of the day.

Now don’t get me wrong. there is nothing wrong with setting goals to run a race such as the marathon, I’ve done five to date,but try going out with joy as your only agenda and see how you feel when you get back. I know this sounds really simplistic but in reality it is. It is all about the mindset that you start with that gives you the result about how you feel at the end of it. Start with a feeling of trepidation and pain and that is what you will get. So i say remove the ‘No pain no gain” thought process and replace it with one of joy, and immediately you will appreciate the motion,the feeling of well being and the resulting increase in energy.

As a side note does this not apply to everything we do. When you start any project with a feeling of dread how can you expect a positive outcome? I want you to enjoy whatever it is you embark upon.

Are you a runner or want to become one? I’d love to get your comments on this post and although I’m not an expert I’m happy to talk it through with you if you just want to give me a call. It would be great to hear from you.

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